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Fromvoulevs Ltd., established in early 1991 as one of the first private wholesale pharmaceutical Companies in Bulgaria.

Fromvoulevs Ltd. operated as Upjohn Agency untill 1997 as doing the medicament’s registrations, marketing,  importation and distribution of the whole line pharmacetucal production of Upjohn Co., USA.

The main field of activities of Fromvoulevs Ltd. are importation and distribution of human pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

Fromvoulevs Ltd. as co-founder of the University of Addictions introduced on Bulgarian market the system of testing for drug identification – field tests and biological fluid tests (saliva, urine) for border control, therapeutical and correction use.

Since 2018 Fromvoulevs entered the high-tech segment producing its own line of filaments for 3D printing under the brand name GD Filament.