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Narcotic body fluid tests

In our todays life we face a problem connected with testing of our kids / relatives / patients etc. for clearing the question of presumptive Durgs of abuse usage.

Before stepping into testing we strongly recommend you to try understanding:

  • the difference between the drugs of abuse (DOA)
  • the difference between the way DOA are taken – inhalation, smoking, injection, etc.
  • consult a specialist regarding specifics of the DOA
  • be ready for the next step after you receive the result of the test – either negative or positive (meaning to have a better understanding what to do), becasue testing for the testing itself makes no sense – it’s only spending money for tests.
  • and maybe first of all – TALK TO YOUR KIDS or CLIENTS and observe their reactions, especially in the teenage.

There is a lot of literature that could help you as well. But here are few points you should know when buying a test for detecting DOA

  • What are we testing for – there is no reason to test a client for cocaine use of he/she smokes marijuana only. If you are not sure what DOA your client is taking – go for multi drug tests for the first few tests.
  • Testing should be done under control for minimizing the risk of result adulteration
  • Be sure the tests you use are not expired
  • Testing should be done unexpected, random
  • The test results should be shown immediately, but have in miind that: A negative tests result means that the concentration of the DOA we test for is lower than the sensitivity of the test we use – it does not mean your client is not taking any DOA.

After more than 20 years of experience we decided to work with body fluid test, produced by e German Company, called ultimed. Here are the tests we work with: